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Air Street Exel Garage N4 Highway Nkomazi

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This Steers Outlet is located in Malelane
Steers are the only place with the King Steer Burger What makes our burgers including chips so good? Steers is South Africas leading flame-grilled burger brand that has been serving real food made real good to South Africans for over 50 years. Aside from the wide range of beef, chicken along with vegetarian burgers, together with the favorite king steer burger, one will also find that our menu has a wide range of other famous favorites, such as our flame-grilled basted ribs, hero steak rolls, creamy ice-creams including milkshakes. The burger is at the heart of everything we do in addition to is always 100% real. Our network of over 480 restaurants extends across South Africa, Each steers restaurant provides the same 100% real, handmade, flame-grilled, quality taste. 100% pure beef patties Our unique blend of 100% Pure Beef & spices is ground fresh & then Flame-grilled in-store to order. Our burgers are also available in a flame-grilled Chicken fillet or in our delicious Veggie patty. Fresh Bread rolls Freshly baked in our own bakery, Prepared & delivered.Cheese Slices A smooth as well as creamy cheese with a mild cheese taste selected especially for our burgers. Fresh handmade chips Our chips are freshly made from the highest quality potatoes in the kitchen of your favorite Steers restaurant.

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Steers Malelane

Steers Malelane

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