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217 Jewel St, Laudium, Pretoria, South Africa

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Jimmys Killer Prawns specialises in seafood, grills plus sushi. We are renowned for our prawn variations, where you can have your prawns grilled in either original, lemon butter, garlic, peri peri, Mexicano, Kashmiri, or hot & spicy. Come including enjoy the excellence!Products Include -Sushi, Salads & Soups, Lunch, Create-A-Table, Killer Prawns - Platters, Killer Prawns - With Rice Or Savoury Mielie Rice, Create-A-Table Feast, Desserts, Beverages.Our Restaurant is run in compliance with every aspect of Jimmy's philosophy of quality, sustainability plus service of the highest standards.My philosophy is embodied in one word along with that word is QUALITY. This philosophy has taken Jimmy's Killer Prawns from humble beginnings in the CBD of Germiston to a group of 61 food branches in Southern Africa plus also with stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi including the South of France. Our success is based on the delivery of quality products, service, adherence to our systems, cleanliness, commitment, passion along with community focus. All this with addictive tasting prawns as well. Jimmy's Killer Prawns also has a strong awareness of sustainability as well as environmental impact. In this fast changing world of ours we have to, more than ever before, adjust our lifestyle to ensure that future generations have a healthy sustainable environment to live in. It is with this in mind that I have formulated my promise to all Jimmy's Killer Prawns customers. Jimmy's Promise I hereby promise to give all Jimmy's Killer Prawns customers the best quality products, from sustainable resources, wherever possible. These products will be served in an enjoyable plus relaxed environment, which will ease the pressures of the day, by staff who are trained to deliver a superior experience.

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Jimmys killer Prawns Laudium

Jimmys killer Prawns Laudium

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