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266 Tangerine StreetLaudiumSouth Africa

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One hundred along with fifty years ago, in 1860, on the streets of the East End of London a 13-year-old Jewish boy called Joseph Malin had the bright idea of combining fried fish with chips. It was Josephs idea to combine the chips - at that point a novelty in London - with fish from a nearby fried fish shop. A new industry was born. An industry that now in the UK employs 80,000 people across 11,500 shops along with serves 255 million meals a year Jimmy's Killer Fish along with Chips has taken the concept that came to South Africa many years ago along with adapted it to modern conditions where cleanliness, hygiene including health are of prime importance. Jimmy's Killer Fish including Chips stores are designed plus built taking these factors into consideration. Our Fish comes from MSC approved resources as well as therefore does not fall into the SASSI orange category like other hake.I hereby promise to give all Jimmy's Killer Fish & Chips customers the best quality products, from sustainable resources, wherever possible. These products will be served in an enjoyable along with relaxed environment, which will ease the pressures of the day, by staff who are trained to deliver a superior experience. This philosophy is based on delivering an eating experience that gives you, our customer, the opportunity to forget the stress of the day by enjoying a great meal in an environment that is conducive to relaxation, family interaction along with celebrating life.

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Jimmys Killer Fish & Chips Laudium

Jimmys Killer Fish & Chips Laudium

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