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Recess / Passion Night Club - Centurion

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C/o Lenchen North and South Street
Southlake Centre

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A multilevel Night club / Venue situated in the heart of Centurion for the past 6 years.
The club conceptualizes and executes fresh innovative, upmarket, exciting and original events that are associated with glitz and glamour.

We have relationships with big name artists, deejays and brand representatives, which have allowed us for over 30 years to be a recommended not only a brand among the party people of Pretoria but also the preferred venue to work with among brand managers, deejays & artists.

We cater for everyone from the general public to Private Functions, Corporate events, Presentations, Product Launches, Fashion shows and even award evenings.

The music style of the club varies as we cater for all markets but we can adapt to your specifications and create any theme or music variety.

The Venue aims to provide our patrons with an exciting and fulfilling experience, fun times are never in short supply...

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Recess / Passion Night Club

Recess / Passion Night Club

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