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Corner of Second Avenue & President Reitz Street

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Cubana : Havana Lounge . Latino Caffe : cocktails : shooters : cigars : great food

Cubana is rated the best in many classes. Trading from 8am every morning (10am on Sundays), Cubana Latino Caffe is a great place to start off your day. Serving breakfast till 2pm (for the non morning people) and continuing the day with customary tapas for lunch with traditional Cuban music playing softly in the background.

Afternoons and sundowners can be enjoyed with refreshing cocktails unique to Cubana's Latino taste. As you sit and relax, you can pipe up an authentic Cuban cigar from one of our exquisite cigar ladies.

Flair tending and flame shows by their expert bartenders and an energy that adds radiance to the atmosphere is what you can expect. With so much going on around you and so much variety on the menus, a fusion of Cuban, Mediterranean and South American, cocktails and shooters by the score, one can find themselves in a Latino heaven.

Famous places attract famous people, so "Come see ... and be seen!".

Dress code is smart casual and N.P.U. 23 (after 7pm) also keeps the standards of Cubana high.

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Cubana - Bloemfontein

Cubana - Bloemfontein

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